Aquatic life

Lot of amphibians (mostly!) and reptiles have aquatic part of life. We tried to illustrate this for some species. Hard and complex, for obvious reason: water !

In this case, two techniques : use underwater camera housings or fish tank.

Here is some examples of our results!

Femelle de Triton palmé

Female of Palmate Newt

Triton palmé en phase aquatique

Couple of Palmate newt in bottom view

Triton marbré en phase aquatique

Marbled newt in bottom view

Triton marbré néoténique

An incredible find: pedomorphic marbled newt

Triton marbré pédomorphique

Pedomorphic marbled newt

Mâle de Triton marbré

Male of Marbled Newt

Larve de Triton marbré

Larva of Marbled Newt

Larve de Triturus marmoratus

Larva of Marbled Newt, close-up

Male of Ommatotriton ophryticus

The beautiful Northern Banded Newt, Ommatotriton ophryticus

Male and female of Ommatotriton ophryticus

Couple of Northern Banded Newt

Calotriton arnoldi

The rare Montseny Brook newt

Calotriton asper

Close-up of Pyrenean Brook Newt

Rana pyrenaica sous l'eau

Pyrenean frog under water

Pelophylax perezi

Iberian water frog in bottom view

Lithobates catesbeianus

Tadpole of Bullfrog

Xénope lisse

The crazy Xenopus laevis

Emys orbicularis underwater

Adult of European Pond Terrapin

Young Emys orbicularis under water

And young one!

Jeune Cistude d'Europe en vue aquatique

An other young Emys orbicularis under water

Chelydra serpentina underwater

The impressive Common Snapper

Natrix maura underwater view

The aquatic Viperine Snake


The Aquatic work is a good opportunity to meet numerous other animal… Here is some examples!


Ecrevisse de Louisiane

Red swamp crawfish

Procambarus clarkii

Fight of Red swamp crawfish

Procambarus clarkii, vue aquatique

Close-up of Red swamp crawfish

Ecrevisse à pattes blanches, Austropotamobius pallipes

Freshwater white-clawed crayfish

Ecrevisse à pattes blanches, Austropotamobius pallipes


Ecrevisse à pattes blanches, Austropotamobius pallipes

The same one

Ecrevisse Signal, Pacifastacus leniusculus

The large Signal crayfish

Ecrevisse Signal, Pacifastacus leniusculus

Same one

Varion, Phoxinus phoxinus

Couple of Eurasian Minnow

Tanche Tinca tinca

A beautiful… Tench

Gardon Rutilus rutilus

The Roach

Roach Rutilus rutilus

The same one

Rutilus rutilus

Close-up of Roach

Chevesne Squalius cephalus

The Chub

Chevesne gros plan

Close-up of Chub

Squalius cephalus

The same one

Perche-Soleil Lepomis gibbosus


Salmo trutta

Close-up of Pyrenean Brown Trout

Truite fario Iraty

Beautiful Pyrenean Brown Trout

Jeune Truite fario

Small Brown trout

Jeune Truite fario

Another one

Gobio gobio, goujon commun


Loche de rivière, Cobitis taenia

Spined loach



Epinochette, Pungitius pungitius

The small Ninespine stickleback


Two others Ninespine stickleback


Lamproie de Planer, Lampetra planeri, forme larvaire

Larva form of European brook lamprey

Lamproie de Planer, Lampetra planeri, mise en place de la frayère

Parying European brook lampreys




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