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Reportages de terrain (field trip report) et photographies. Vous trouverez ici tous nos reportages de terrain en France, Espagne et à travers le monde. Ceux-ci sont agrémentés de photographies des reptiles et amphibiens rencontrés. Bien que nos reportages se veulent consacrés à l’herpétologie, vous pourrez également découvrir toute la faune et la flore découverte sur place.


24h in Pyrénées for zinnikeri shooting

  Here is summary of 24 hours in a small Pyrenean valley. The opportunity to photograph many aspic vipers, and appreciate the amazing variability. Now pictures without delay!       Vous aimerez aussi : […]


Short trip in Pyrénéees and Spain

We enjoyed a few days available for down south. In main goal the famous Spiny-footed Lizard Acanthodactylus erythrurus, this beautiful spanish lizard.             Vous aimerez aussi : No related posts.


Out of Europe – Three weeks in French Guyana – January 2014 – Part three

Remember, the first part is here! and the second part here! « Le Bagne des Annamites » A small trail for a heavy french story of deportation. Now the nature is back, and snakes, turtles are here! […]


Out of Europe – Three weeks in French Guyana – January 2014 – Part two

Remember, the first part is here!       Between Cayenne and Kourou The second week start. Time to refresh before new session of field, visit the beach and the market.     In flight […]


Out of Europe – Three weeks in French Guyana – January 2014 – Part one

This winter, we planned of a herptrip in French Guyana, where we have some good contacts.  With Maud, Laurent, and Pierre-Olivier, we can visit the rainforest, until exhaustion ! Great trip, great landscape, great species […]


Field Report – One week in North-West of Spain – September 2012 – Part 2/2

Second part ! The first part is here : Field Report – One week in North-West of Spain – September 2012 – Part 1/2 4th day – in road to extreme west of Castilla y […]


Field Report – One week in North-West of Spain – September 2012 – Part 1/2

With some friends, Jérôme and me decided to spend few days in north-west of Spain. No specifics goals, just hope to have fun and take good pictures. First day – north of Castilla y Leon: […]


Field Report – Two days for a small « melanic » trip ! – June 2012

A marvellous trip in the pyrenean french mountains. We decided with Jean, Philippe and Stephan, to make a two days trip in Pyrenees, with some specific goals. Here is the result of this two crazy days (!!!). Warning, lot of pictures in this post.


Field Report – Small trip in Southeastern France – June 2012

3 days, that’s enough for a nice little herp trip! With Jean & Philippe, we decided to go to the east of France, in primary goal to see some Vipera aspis aspis. Despite difficult weather, the results are quite positive! Warning, this post contains a great number of pictures.


Field Report – Small trip in Northeastern Spain – May 2012

With my friend Maud, we decided to go quietly on three days in the northeast of Spain, particularly in order to discover Ommatotriton ophryticus, an newt native ofTurkey introduced in this sector (very surprising!). Here […]


Field Report – Small trip in North Spain – June 2011

June 2011, we decided to make a short trip of five days, in two hotspots of spanish herpetofauna. The first, in the north of Burgos, is known for the presence of three species of Vipera […]


Field Report – Peloponnese – April 2011

Sunday 17 – A night in Argolis We landed late afternoon in Athens. Time to recover the vehicle, to leave the capital and reach our first stop (Asini), the night has already fallen, and it […]


Out of Europe – Three weeks in Costa Rica – February 2011

January 2012, we’re in for three weeks in Costa Rica! Of course this is not herpetofauna of Europe, but here is a small selection of pictures brought back to this fantastic country! Have fun! Vous […]


Field Report – South Spain – October 2010

End of 2010, we decided to perform a wide trip of two weeks in the south Spain.   Saturday 16 – takeoff The road, very long, should be stopped midway. This will be done in […]


Field report – Northern and Central Spain – October 2009

As during our trip in 2008 in southern France, Maud and I decided to take 15 days ; this time in northern and central Spain. No species priority research, or maybe many interesting species!   […]


Field report – Montenegro – April 2009

We decided, with some of great colleagues, to visit the Montenegro during a week, hotspot of herpetofauna in Balkans and Europe.   Sunday, June 7 – Go to Dubrovnik (Croatia) Our first stop was in […]


Field Report – Reptiles et amphibiens du Pays Basque – Juillet 2008

En juillet 2008, Jean, Matthieu, Adeline et moi-même décidons de parcourir le pays basque pour rechercher le lézard hispanique, Podarcis liolepis sebastiani. L’idée est de ramener des clichés documentaires. Cela dit, on ne va pas […]


Field report – Small trip in France & Spain – Spring 2008

With my friend Maud, we decided to pass few days in basque Pyrenees and north of Spain between April 27th and May 2nd.   Sunday, April 27 For the first day, we stopped at the […]