Jetbeam SRA40 – A new flashlight in test

This winter, Jetbeam contact us for a very interest proposition: the review of one of their new product : the flashlight SRA40. Always on the lookout for new product, of course we accept the deal…  Especially since the trip to Guyana would permit a rigorous test of this capabilities of the lamp! Here is now my opinion for this product : not a high technical review, just the feeling of an herpetologist who uses flashlight everyday. Thank you to Jetbeam for provision of the product !


The package is very simple : the flashlight, a manual (only in english and in chinese), a charger (I will talk about that later) and… what the name, a second gasket ? Note the absence of a dust cover. Ok, I confess, I never use the dust cover given with all my first flashlight, but maybe some of you use it… Finally, the package is very elementary. This is not to displease me.



Except manuel and gasket, all you’ll find in the box is here


Specifications and performance:

Here is the constructor’s data:

Three level of brightness
SOS strobe function
4*AA rechargeable batteries or 4* 1.5V Alkaline batteries
Intelligent charging function
Low power warning
CREE XM-L2 led with life span 50,000
Intelligent  dual switches
Max output: 960lumens
Throw beamshot 390m
Impact resistant: 1.5m
Waterproof: IPX-8

My latest was powered by AA too. But it need 6 AA… Not very pratical, partly because shippers generally have 4 locations… Here no problem with that, despite equivalent power…

SRA40, with its four AA enloop.

An other intersting specification is the ability to recharge the batteries directly to the sector, without extracting the lamp. That’s great!


Under the lamp, an universal screw system is available. This can be useful for a « candle » function.


The finish is very good, and the lamp gives a feeling of solidity. It is not always easy to install batteries in the dark, but the system is fairly simple.



First feeling – go to the jungle:

My first feeling is very positive. The compromise size / power / autonomy seems perfect. The lamp fits nicely in the hand, and the two buttons really make life easier. Now I’m ready to the jungle test!

Here is a sample of our light equipment

Comparison of beams. Do not look at the power of the light, but the beam shape. The SRA40 (third place) show a tight enough beam, with a progressive central spot.


And here is some sample pictures made with the lamp.



First night, first toad


Rhinella aff. martyi


The lighted Phyllomedusa tomopterna, behind a sheet


Atelopus flavescens




Significant power is useful for animals away in the trees…





High power can pierce the water turbidity…


… and illuminate the animals on the road


Hook and lamp: two essential elements for research snakes in the forest




Here is Bothrops atrox in a fallen tree


A night on boat. An other good test for a flashlight



Kingfisher awake during sleep


Corallus hortulanus seems to like the SRA40





Very easy to find caiman by night with a flashlight



You’ll often find snakes in the top of the trees







The flaslight is waterproof, no risk of diving into the rainforest, and no need to pay attention


I really enjoyed this « forest » review. This flashlight inspires confidence, and it’s really an important point in this type of condition. Well built, it should live long even if it is still too early to say. The flashlight power is good enough for most of our uses, and new improvement (small « plus ») are ​​very significant. In contrast, little or no details annoying as they existed on my previous lamps.
In the end this is a very positive test for a lamp that I adopted.


Ideal compromise size power autonomy.
Ability to recharge without removing batteries.
Ability to attach a tripod or other.
Two separate buttons for lighting and power.
Ability to know the level of charge.

Rounded, rolls easily on an inclined plane
Changing batteries not always easy by night
Beam may be a little tight in dense forest – the most suitable open environment



Sony nex6, Immantodes cenchoa & Jeatbeam SRA40 😉


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13 Commentaires

  1. Tactical Michael 30 avril 2014 at 21 h 24 min #

    Great article on the Jetbeam, I came across this article while researching flashlights and you have done a great job with all of your pictures and comparisons. Makes me want to travel more. Thanks.

  2. Kate 15 mars 2015 at 18 h 04 min #

    Very details testing, nice article wih many photo for illustration. This is excellent light and well made. High power beam (960 lumen) does not last long enough to make it the reason I purchased the JETBeam SRA40. It will only stay on for about a minute before switching to low power.

  3. tunimaal 25 mars 2015 at 18 h 27 min #

    Excellente cette lampe, je sais quoi acheter pour mes prochaines randos au Japon ^^

  4. Dakota Johnson 12 janvier 2016 at 5 h 11 min #

    Jetbeam Flashlights have always kept their standards up high when it comes to quality. The Test you have done , has enlightened me to go ahead and give a try, pictures are beautifully taken as well, also the blog post it self is very well written. great article. enjoyed reading which was very useful.

  5. Zulia Era 8 février 2016 at 18 h 48 min #

    Just awesome article. Specially i love those picture. Actually i am planning to go for campaign this year. Thus, i was searching tactical flashlight which will be very effective during our camping. No doubt that i get best tactical flashlight after reading your article.

  6. Cédric 21 mars 2016 at 13 h 42 min #

    Du coup c’est celle-ci que tu continues d’utiliser ?

    • Matthieu Berroneau 21 mars 2016 at 14 h 02 min #

      Oui !

      • Cédric 21 mars 2016 at 14 h 18 min #

        Ok ! ça a l’air mieux que ma maglite mais c’est pas le même prix non plus, je vais regarder tout ça de plus près merci 😉

  7. Kevin 11 avril 2016 at 4 h 59 min #

    Seem like a cool flashlight. I like that it looks sturdy and waterproof, and I’m all for products that’s good in a zombie apocalypse ;). I think it would be a good gift for my dad. He’s an outdoor activist! Thanks for the review and pics!

  8. Evan 8 juin 2016 at 2 h 13 min #

    What was your battery life like with the AAs?
    Evan Articles récents…Best Tactical Flashlights for Preppers in 2016My Profile

  9. eli 24 novembre 2016 at 10 h 05 min #

    Although, I was not a big fan of jetbeam flashlight but last year i purchased it. Until now it’s working great to me. No problem yet. Great service so far like yours.

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