Out of Europe – Three weeks in Costa Rica – February 2011

January 2012, we’re in for three weeks in Costa Rica! Of course this is not herpetofauna of Europe, but here is a small selection of pictures brought back to this fantastic country! Have fun!

North-western Costa Rica

North-eastern Costa Rica shows a relatively dry climate, and his herpetofauna is different of the rest of the country. Two great places of the quarter of country is the naturals parks of Rincon de la Vieja and Santa Rosa. No chance for us, we can’t see Crotalus durissus.

Choloepus hoffmanniPselliophorus tibialisSciurus granatensisHemidactylus garnotiiSceloporus variabilisNorops sp.Rincon de la ViejaRana warszewitschiiNorops sp.Norops sp.Ameiva undalataCnemidophorus deppiiCtenosaura similisColuber mentovariusIguana iguanaCtenosaura similisCtenosaura similisCtenosaura similisCtenosaura similisCtenosaura similisCtenosaura similisCtenosaura similisH.sapiens vs Oxybelis aeneusOxybelis aeneusOxybelis aeneusOxybelis aeneusOxybelis aeneusOxybelis aeneusOxybelis aeneusCtenosaura similisCebus capucinusCebus capucinusCtenosaura similisCalocitta formosaCtenosaura quinquecarinataKinosternon scorpioidesNorops sp.Coenobita compressusOcypode

South-western Costa Rica

South-west of Costa Rica is a hot spot of biodiversity, with the famous Corcovado. Before 2 days in Corcovado, we also visit the Manuel Antonio. Crazy beaches.

Eleutherodactylus sp.Dendrobates auratusNorops sp.Norops sp.Mabuya unimarginataRamphocelus costaricensisKinosternon scorpioidesHyla rosenbergiHyla rosenbergiHyla rosenbergiHyla rosenbergiNephila clavipesHeliconius sp.Aramides cajaneaProcyon cancrivorusProcyon cancrivorusBasilicus basiculusDasyprocta punctataBasilicus basiculusBasilicus basiculusCoenobita compressusNyctanassa violaceaEgretta caeruleaGonatodes albogularisMimetica mortuifoliaMimetica mortuifoliaNorops sp.Norops sp.Mabuya unimarginataNorops sp.Leposoma southiNorops bipocartusNorops bipocartusThecadactylus rapicaudaPelecanus occidentalisNorops sp.Lepidodactylus lugubrisGymnophtalmus speciosusGymnophtalmus speciosusAmeiva quadrilineataRio ChirripoBufo melanochlorus ou marinusHyla sp.Similisca sordidaSimilisca sordidaSimilisca sordidaBufo haematiticusPipra mentalisAmeiva quadrilineataAmeiva leptophrysSaccopteryx bilineataEleutherodactylys rugosusEleutherodactylys rugosusEleutherodactylus sp.Eleutherodactylus sp.Ameiva leptophrysAmeiva leptophrysEleutherodactylus sp.Ara macaoCorcovadoHeliconius sp.Basilicus basilicusNasua naricaCrax rubraAra macaoPelecanus occidentalisAra macao vs PelecanusAra macaoTantilla supracinctaTantilla supracincta

Central and South-eastern Costa Rica

The center of the country is the Chirripo mountain, that reach more than 3800 meters. In the south-east, we visit Manzanillo and Cahuita parks. Lot of memories, including the famous Bothriechis schlegelii

Sceloporus variabilisBolitoglossa pesrubraMesapis monticolaBufo marinusNyssodesmus pythonEleutherodactylus sp.Agalychnis callidryasAgalychnis callidryasAgalychnis callidryasAmeiva festivaNorops bipocartusGonatodes albogularisGonatodes albogularisNorops sp.Dendrobates pumilioDendrobates pumilioAmeiva leptophrysBasilicus vittatusSmilisca baudiniiSmilisca baudiniiSmilisca baudiniiScinax elaeochroaAgalychnis callidryasBothriechis schlegeliiBothriechis schlegeliiBothriechis schlegeliiGecarcinus quadratusBufo marinusBothriechis schlegeliiBothriechis schlegeliiBothriechis schlegeliiBothriechis schlegeliiAlouatta palliataBasilicus plumifronsProcyon cancrivorusCahuitaBasilicus vittatusBradypus variegatusLeptodactylus pentadactylusEleutherodactylus sp.Bothriechis schlegeliiBothriechis schlegeliiBothriechis schlegeliiBothriechis schlegeliiRhinoclemmys funereaSphaerodactylus homolepisSphaerodactylus homolepis


North-eastern Costa Rica

In north-east of Costa Rica, we only visit one place, but what a place! Norops capito, Boa constrictor, Immantodes cenchoa, … : the small reserve of La Selva is absolutely crazy!

Dendrobates pumilioDendrobates pumilioNorops capitoNorops capitoNorops capitoNorops capitoMastigodryas melanolomusMastigodryas melanolomusMastigodryas melanolomusEleutherodactylus sp.Mimetica mortuifoliaEleutherodactylus sp.Eleutherodactylus sp.Imantodes cenchoaImantodes cenchoaImantodes cenchoaImantodes cenchoaImantodes cenchoaBufo haematiticusBufo haematiticusBotrops asperLepidophyma flavimaculatumLepidophyma flavimaculatumSphenomorphus cherrieiSphenomorphus cherrieiSphenomorphus cherrieiPecari tajacuBoa constrictorBoa constrictorBoa constrictorBoa constrictorBoa constrictor

Costa Rica is an absolut crazy spot for herptofauna. We have seen about one hundred species in 3 weeks… It is only 1/4 of the herpetofauna diversity of the country!!

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  1. Fab 1 mars 2018 at 14 h 18 min #

    Magnifique voyage et superbes photos
    Lors de notre séjour au Costa Rica en novembre 2017, j’ai aussi vu une kinosternum scorpioides, qui ressemble à votre photo de kinosternum.
    Ma question quelle sous-espèce ? Je pense que c’est une kinosternum scorpioides scorpioides.
    Pouvez-vous confirmer
    Merci d’avance
    Bien cordialement

    • Matthieu Berroneau 3 mars 2018 at 14 h 14 min #

      Bonjour, et merci !
      Concernant la sous-sp, … c’est une bonne question !
      Je n’ai malheureusement pas d’infos à ce sujet…

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